Cesme- Smyrna- Ancient Ephesus

The heart of cosmopolitan Anatolia.

Unrivaled architecture, outdoor museums, and the Asansör for dreamy pirates. A maze of bazaars in Kemeralti Market, Konak Square and its magnificent Clock Tower. Cesme is known as the Pearl of the Aegean keeps its traditional character untouched by time, mesmerizing beaches, emerald waters and traditional restaurants serving culinary temptations. Ancient Ephesus, a crossroad of ancient and religious civilizations, one of the best-preserved classical cities in the Mediterranean, Temple of Artemis, the Seven Churches of Revelation is certainly a lifetime destination.


3ημερη κρουαζίερα

Cosmopolitan Shores

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3ήμερη Κρουαζιέρα Χρυσές Ακτές & Κουσάντασι

Turquoise Oasis

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